Creating a memorable and catchy ID bumper for Lucidica

Collective Member: Spiros Pagiatakis; Watch the ID bumper

We are proud to share Spiros’ latest project for Lucidica, a London-based IT support company that helps small businesses with their technology needs. Lucidica approached Spiros with a challenge: to create a short and catchy ID bumper that would showcase their brand identity and values, and that could be used as an introduction and conclusion to their instructional videos, presentations, webinars and other online content.

An ID bumper is a brief animation or video clip that identifies the creator or sponsor of a piece of content, usually lasting between 5 and 10 seconds. It serves as a way to establish brand recognition, convey a message, and create a lasting impression on the audience. ID bumpers are often used by TV channels, YouTube channels, podcasts, video games, and other media outlets.

Spiros worked closely with Lucidica to understand their vision, mission, and target audience. He learned that they are passionate about providing friendly, reliable, and affordable IT support to small businesses in London and beyond. They have a team of experts who can handle any IT issue, from setting up a new computer to managing cloud services. They also offer training and consultancy services to help their clients get the most out of their technology.

Based on this information, Spiros designed an ID bumper that reflects Lucidica’s personality and values. He used their logo, colours, and fonts to create a consistent and professional look. He also added dynamic elements, such as moving shapes and sound effects, to convey a sense of energy, creativity, and innovation. Spiros chose a simple and straightforward voice-over that says “Lucidica. IT support for the small business” to communicate their core offering and value proposition.

The result is a beautiful and effective ID bumper that captures Lucidica’s essence and enhances its online presence. The bumper can be easily integrated into any video or presentation format, and it helps Lucidica stand out from the competition and connect with its potential customers.

We are very proud to have Spiros on the team. We love how the project turned out and appreciate that Lucidica trusted Spiros with their brand identity. We hope that this ID bumper will help them grow their business and reach new heights. If you are looking for a professional and creative ID bumper for your own brand or project, please contact us today. Spiros and the team would love to hear from you and help you achieve your goals.


Disclaimer: The work presented herein has been performed by a member of our collective/team and is not to be understood as a project completed by the agency as a whole.