Hand-made logo with brushes and watercolours

Collective Member: Rannia Makrigianni; Check out the Behance showcase

We are thrilled to share with you one of Rannia’s older projects: a logo design for the dance team Echtagi, based in Crete, Greece. Echtagi is a group of passionate dancers who perform traditional Cretan dances with a modern twist. They wanted a logo that would reflect their identity, culture and style. Despite the fact that Rannia’s client did not use the final logo, we nevertheless are showcasing it as we believe that it is a unique approach to logo creation.

Rannia decided to create a logo that was hand-made, with brushes and watercolours. She wanted to capture the vibrant colours of Crete, the fluidity of the dance movements and the energy of the team. The process was very fun and creative. She sketched some ideas on paper, then she used watercolours to paint them. Rannia experimented with different shades, shapes and textures until she found the perfect combination. She then scanned the paintings and edited them digitally to make them more crisp and clear. Rannia also added some typography to complement the logo and make it more readable.

The final result was a stunning logo that Echtagi valued extremely. Nevertheless, it was not exactly what they were looking for. They opted for a leaner variation of it, which they are now using on their website, social media and merchandise.

We are very proud to have Rannia aboard, as we love her work. We hope you like it too.


Disclaimer: The work presented herein has been performed by a member of our collective/team and is not to be understood as a project completed by the agency as a whole.