Helping Anaweh-Studio grow their Masterclass

Collective Member: George Mouzis; Anaweh-Studio’s Official Site

Anaweh Studio is a company that specializes in electronic music production and offers online courses for aspiring and experienced musicians. One of their most popular courses is the masterclass, which covers topics such as sound design, mixing, mastering, and marketing. The masterclass is designed to help students create professional-quality tracks and launch their careers in the music industry.

George had the opportunity to work with Anaweh Studio and help them advertise their masterclass on Meta, the social media platform that connects people across virtual and augmented reality. Meta has a large and diverse audience of people who are interested in creative and immersive experiences, which made it an ideal platform for promoting the masterclass.

George’s goal was to increase the number of registrations for the masterclass and generate awareness and interest among potential students. George used a variety of strategies to achieve this goal, such as:

    • Creating a landing page for the masterclass on Meta, which showcased the course content, the instructors, and the testimonials from previous students.

    • Launching a campaign of targeted ads on Meta, which displayed the benefits of the masterclass and encouraged users to sign up.

    • Hosting a live Q&A session on Meta, where the instructors answered questions from prospective students and gave a preview of what they would learn in the masterclass.

    • Sharing success stories and tips from alumni of the masterclass on Meta, which demonstrated the value and impact of the course.

The results of the campaign were impressive. George managed to increase the number of registrations for the masterclass by 300% compared to previous months. He also received positive feedback from both Anaweh Studio and the students who enrolled in the course. They praised the quality and relevance of the ads, the ease and convenience of the registration process, and the engagement and interaction of the live Q&A session.

We are proud to have George on the team; he helped Anaweh Studio reach their target audience and grow their business on Meta. As a collective, we believe that their masterclass is a valuable and innovative course that can help many people achieve their musical goals and dreams.

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Disclaimer: The work presented herein has been performed by a member of our collective/team and is not to be understood as a project completed by the agency as a whole.