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Collective Member: Spiros PagiatakisCheck out the infographics montage

We are proud to share some of the amazing infographics team member Spiros has created for various organisations in different sectors. Infographics are a powerful way to communicate complex or important information in a clear and engaging way. They can help to raise awareness, educate, persuade, or inspire audiences.

Here are some examples of the infographics Spiros has produced for his clients:

    • Local Government Association. “Transforming Care”. This infographic illustrates the key principles and outcomes of the Transforming Care programme, which aims to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition.

    • NHS England. “Continuing Healthcare”. This infographic explains the process and criteria for accessing NHS Continuing Healthcare, a package of care arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals with complex, ongoing healthcare needs.

    • Business Disability Forum. “Workplace Adjustments”. This infographic shows the benefits and best practices of workplace adjustments for employees with disabilities or long-term health conditions. Workplace adjustments are changes to the work environment, equipment, or arrangements that enable employees to perform their roles effectively and productively.

    • World Association of Nuclear Operators. “Confidentiality”. This infographic highlights the importance and principles of confidentiality for the members of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), which is an organisation that promotes the highest standards of nuclear safety and operational excellence among its members.

For each infographic, Spiros was responsible for art direction, design, animation, and music. Spiros worked closely with his clients to understand their objectives, audience, and message. He then developed a creative concept and visual style that suited their brand and tone. He also ensured that the infographics were accessible, accurate, and easy to understand.

With Spiros on our team, we are passionate about creating infographics that make a difference. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!


Disclaimer: The work presented herein has been performed by a member of our collective/team and is not to be understood as a project completed by the agency as a whole.