Helping Quandela boost its online presence with engaging content

Collective Member: Elina Kostanian; Medium Article, Official Web, Youtube

Quandela is a company that specializes in quantum photonics, a cutting-edge technology that enables faster, more secure and more efficient data processing. Quandela’s products are used by researchers, innovators and industry leaders in various fields, such as quantum computing, cryptography, metrology and sensing.

But how do you communicate the value and potential of such a complex and novel technology to a wider audience? How do you attract and retain the attention of potential customers, partners and investors who may not be familiar with the technical details and jargon of quantum photonics?

That’s where Elina comes in. A vital asset to our collective, she is the talented content creator who has been working with Quandela for over a year. She has been helping them craft and deliver compelling stories that showcase their products, their vision and their impact.

Elina has a background in creative media and journalism, which gives her a unique advantage in understanding and explaining Quandela’s technology. She also has a passion for storytelling and creativity, which allows her to produce engaging and captivating content that resonates with different audiences.

Elina’s work includes writing blog posts, case studies, white papers, newsletters and social media posts that highlight Quandela’s achievements, challenges, solutions and opportunities. She also creates videos that feature interviews with Quandela’s team members, customers and collaborators, as well as demonstrations of their products and applications.

Elina’s content strategy is based on three key principles: clarity, relevance and emotion. She strives to make Quandela’s technology accessible and understandable to anyone who is interested in learning more about it. She also ensures that her content is relevant and tailored to the specific needs and goals of each audience segment. And she infuses her content with emotion and personality, to make it more memorable and relatable.

The results of Elina’s work have been impressive. Since she started working with Quandela, their website traffic has increased by 300%, their social media followers have grown by 500%, and their email list has expanded by 400%. More importantly, they have received more inquiries, leads and conversions from their online channels, as well as more positive feedback and recognition from their existing customers and partners.

We are thrilled to have Elina on our team. Elina is an outstanding example of how a skilled and talented content creator can help you reach more people with targeted copywriting and videography. If you want to learn more about how we can help you grow your online presence and achieve your business goals, contact us today!


Disclaimer: The work presented herein has been performed by a member of our collective/team and is not to be understood as a project completed by the agency as a whole.